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At Lake Life Caesar Co. our mission is to provide you with a top quality Caesar in no time at all. Whether at the lake, in the city, or at home, making a tasty Caesar has never been easier.

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  • “This product is amazing! Used with their Caesar Rimmer, it makes a Caesar that rivals any I have had, even from top restaurants. A definite must if you love Caesars!!” - Margot

  • “We first tried lake life Caesar mix at a wedding. We were so excited that the bride and groom gifted guests small bottles as wedding favours! Once we made our first one at home we were hooked.

    Our home will never be without a bottle in the fridge.”

    — Heather

  • “Have you used it as a marinade!? Holy; unreal.”

  • “Perfect for camping. I don't have to take up the whole cooler with stuff to mix drinks any more!”

    — Joel

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