About Us

At Lake Life Caesar Co. we're in the business of making memories. Our premium Caesar Mix was initially crafted for family and friends to enjoy at the lake, cutting down prep time and maximizing the good times.

Over the past few years our following has continued to grow, providing people the Caesar they want in the time they deserve. Proudly family owned and operated, we hope to continue our tradition of uncompromising quality and taste in Caesars across Canada. From the boat, beach, deck, or campfire, cheers to the best Caesar you've ever made!

Our Mission

At Lake Life Caesar Co. our mission is to provide you with a top quality Caesar in no time at all. Whether at the lake, in the city, or at home, making a tasty Caesar has never been easier.

Rim Glass + Add Ice + Alcohol (Optional) + Lake Life Caesar Mix + Clamato =
The Best Caesar You'Ve Ever Had In Under 10 Seconds.

Your time is precious. Let Lake Life give you the Caesar you want in the time you deserve so you can get back to enjoying a good time, wherever that may be.

From all of us here at Lake Life Caesar Co., Welcome to the Caesar Revolution!

How Lake Life Caesar Came To Be

It started with making the best possible Caesar on the deck at our favourite spot, the lake. Perfecting the recipe took time. When we offered to make some for our family and friends, word started to get around about how good they tasted. We found that it took up a lot of time to make so many cocktails with the individual ingredients, so we decided to pre-mix them the next weekend before we went back to our camp site, and brought the mix up in a Mason jar. The concept worked so well that we decided to go commercial with it.

Since then, we’ve been able to share our story and products with people all over, and are absolutely thrilled with the response we’ve received. We’re so happy that people enjoy it, and use it in many creative ways!

We are now producing our Caesar mix in a CFIA facility, which allows us to share our product all across Canada!

We also offer Caesar Rimmer and are adding new products in the near future, including a spicy version of the Caesar Mix as well as specialty garnishes and pickled products.